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PreservationWorks! provides expert advice on conservation and heritage projects across Ontario. Our roster of highly skilled professionals provides a range of services to promote the preservation of at-risk buildings and natural sites.

Buildings at Risk Program

The Buildings at Risk Program, publicizes the availability of heritage property for sale with a particular emphasis on vacant, at-risk historic buildings threatened by neglect, demolition or inappropriate alteration, and links prospective purchasers with suitable properties. ARCHITECTURAL CONSERVANCY ONTARIO works in conjunction with the real estate industry to provide these listings.

Ontario Heritage Conference and ACO Annual General Meeting

The Ontario Heritage Conference is the result of collaboration between ARCHITECTURAL CONSERVANCY ONTARIO, Community Heritage Ontario, and the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals. The conference features expert speakers from across the province. It takes place in a new historic region and focuses on a different theme each year. The ACO Annual General Meeting always follows the annual conference.

Annual Awards Dinner

ARCHITECTURAL CONSERVANCY ONTARIO’s Annual Awards Dinner takes place in November of each year at the historic Arts and Letters Club in Toronto to celebrate outstanding preservation leaders, projects, and initiatives in Ontario.


Awards for Outstanding Work in and Commitment to Heritage

Five awards focus on the work of groups and individuals in support of heritage preservation.

  • A. K. Sculthorpe Award for Advocacy
    Awarded for exemplary success in a significant heritage crisis. Former ACO President Alice King Sculthorpe was a formidable campaigner in defence of Port Hope’s wealth of historic architecture.

  • ACO Award for Special Contributions
    Recognizes the initiative and intelligence of outstanding volunteers in furthering the cause of architecture preservation.

  • ACO NextGen Award
    Heritage-related awards tend to celebrate those with long careers in conservation. This award breaks with that tradition by recognizing the contributions of youth and young, emerging professionals to the ever-expanding and increasingly complex field of heritage conservation.

  • ACO Media Award
    Awarded to journalists, editors and creators of new media who diligently tell stories that promote understanding of heritage issues and the will to defend it in Ontario.

  • Eric Arthur Lifetime Achievement Award
    Awarded for outstanding contributions to heritage conservation in Ontario over a sustained period of time. ACO’s founder, Eric Ross Arthur, initiated and inspired the preservation movement in Ontario.

Awards for Outstanding Preservation Projects

The final five awards focus on restoration, adaptive reuse, landscape heritage, craftsmanship, and Post-1945 design in heritage conservation projects in Ontario.

  • Peter Stokes Restoration Award
    Celebrating the exemplary restoration of significant heritage structures in Ontario. The works of pioneering architect Peter John Stokes attest to the premium he placed on saving historic buildings in Ontario no matter how great the challenge.

  • Paul Oberman Award for Adaptive Reuse
    Recognizes projects that highlight and incorporate heritage structures in imaginative ways. Paul Oberman was a master of adaptive reuse in Toronto, and sought to preserve architectural heritage as a means to encourage healthy communities and vibrant cities.

  • Margaret and Nicholas Hill Cultural Heritage Landscape Award
    Awarded for a project that encourages the preservation of Ontario’s cultural heritage landscapes. Nicholas and Margaret Hill contributed extensively to ACO from the early 1970s until Nick’s untimely death in 2001 and Margaret’s retirement as provincial secretary.

  • James D. Strachan Award for Craftsmanship
    Recognizes outstanding craftsmanship where the heritage of artisanal craft and material is preserved. Jim Strachan built one of Ontario’s most respected firms specializing in heritage conservation. Among his restoration projects: Osgoode Hall, Fort York, George Brown House, the Old Stone Church in Beaverton and the University of Toronto.

  • Post-1945 Design Award
    Given to an architect, engineer, planner, or landscape architect whose body of work is esteemed as being outstanding, enduring, and worthy of preservation for generations to come as “heritage of the future”.

Nomination Information

Please download a copy of the fillable nomination form and backgrounder, and fax or email it to ACO’s provincial office. The document includes instructions for filling the forms, awards criteria and eligibility.