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The ACO encourages the establishment of local branches in as many communities as possible because it is important to have ongoing local monitoring to keep heritage emergencies from developing. However, as well as being a local community group, becoming a branch of the ACO brings with it the experience and credibility of a province-wide organization.

Each branch has its own Board of Directors and its own accounts to manage local affairs.

For the most part, branches operate independently, focusing on local issues and programming opportunities, and recruiting and supporting local members.

Typical branch activities

  • Advocacy for threatened heritage properties
  • Owning Heritage Property such as Walkerton's Victoria Hall
  • Lecture series
  • Publishing a local newsletter
  • Restoring heritage properties
  • Doors Open
  • Managing revolving funds for heritage restoration projects
  • Fundraising events, such as Port Hope's annual house tour and Cobourg's Moveable Feast
  • Awards programs
  • Walking tours
  • Heritage photo competitions

Benefits of branch membership

  • Instant establishment in a recognized province-wide organization
  • Access to all ACO activities
  • Access to web facilities, currently being upgraded
  • Availability of group-rate insurance for board members, general liability and events
  • Access to VISA and MasterCard accounts
  • Access to the experience of others in the heritage and related fields, with mentoring from other branches
  • Exposure to emerging province-wide trends
  • ACORN for all members

Branch responsibilities

  • Representation at Council meetings, AGMs and annual conference
  • Reporting on financial and other activities in a timely fashion
  • Reporting to Council and ACORN on issues and activities (Branch Reports)
  • Payment of dues

"Becoming A Branch" gives more information on how to form a branch of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario in your community, to download click here.

Or contact the ACO Manager at 1-877-264-8937 (toll free) or 416 367-8075