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The Buildings at Risk Program, formerly known as the Historic Architectural Linking Program (HALP), publicizes the availability of heritage property for sale with a particular emphasis on vacant, at-risk historic buildings threatened by neglect, demolition or inappropriate alteration, and links prospective purchasers with suitable properties. ARCHITECTURAL CONSERVANCY ONTARIO works in conjunction with the real estate industry to provide these listings.

Buildings at Risk

How does the Buildings at Risk Program work?

With the help of the real-estate industry, potential buyers are connected with property owners through the listings on ACO website. Community members are also encouraged to send in listings to ACO about the at-risk property, including the exact location, a brief description, photographs, and the property owner's contact information.

What buildings qualify for the Buildings at Risk Program?

Buildings at Risk Program listings include anything from rail trestles in St. Thomas to farmhouses in Unionville, so long as they abide by the following 3 criteria:
  1. It has architectural merit;
  2. It is vacant and is unlikely to sell to a sympathetic owner in the near future;
  3. It is, or may be, threatened with neglect, demolition or inappropriate alteration.

Unfortunately, not all properties are reported or saved. Should a community member identify an at-risk sites and direct action is required, however, ACO provides a checklist for how to save heritage sites. Please visit http://www.arconserv.ca/buildings_at_risk/checklist.cfm for more information.

Why is the Buildings at Risk Program important?

The Buildings at Risk Program can help save heritage sites by finding a buyer who will assist in the preservation of the site, but it also serves as a means to reach out to local community members and foster values of maintaining cultural landmarks.

Talbot Street United Church
R.R. 1


Woodholme Manor
1384 Wonderland Rd. N.


Camp 30/Boys Training School
Lambs Road and Concession St.


10 Station Lane, Unionville


Paisley Inn
Main Street


Children of Jacob Synagogue/Sherrif Waddell House


South Side of Colborne Street
35-151 Colborne Street


Heritage home, Newtonville
4502 Highway 2


Thamesville Bridge, 1936
Victoria Road, Thamesville


York Square
33 Avenue Road, 148 Yorkville


Parkside School
Dundas Driving Park Road


The Barber Paper Mill (1854)
River Road