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Heritage Districts Work! – Reports Now Available

Heritage Conservation District Study Summary Report

Download it by clicking the link to the summary report at the bottom of this page

August 20, 2009

A major project on Heritage Conservation Districts (HCDs) undertaken by the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario to determine whether they are meeting their goals is now complete.
The study, funded by a grant from the Trillium Foundation, examined 32 HCDs created before 1992. This criterion was adopted because it takes a period of time for the impacts of district designation to manifest, so the study concentrated on examining districts that are well established.
The study used resident surveys conducted door to door by local volunteers from Municipal Heritage Committees, historical societies, ACO branches and members of the Heritage Resources Centre to determine how property owners and residents felt about HCDs. In addition, 67 key stakeholders were interviewed, land use mapping and streetscape evaluations were conducted, sales history trends for 431 properties were analyzed, and data on requests for alterations was collected.
The conclusion? Heritage Districts work!   By in large the goals set for individual Heritage Conservation Districts have been achieved. Satisfaction with living and owning property in districts is overwhelming; with seventy-five per cent of respondents indicating that they were either “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with living in an HCD. A study of sales trends showed strong real estate performance in HCDs, especially those where HCD guidelines are consistently enforced. 
ACO partnered with several other volunteer groups to carry out the study, including Community Heritage Ontario and the Heritage Resources Centre (HRC) at the University of Waterloo. Professor Robert Shipley, the Director of the HRC, supervised the study. The Project Coordinator, report manager and principal volunteer facilitator was Kayla Jonas.
We would like to thank all of the volunteers who assisted with this study and we would especially like to thank the Trillium Foundation for their generous support.
A copy of the report can be viewed here as a pdf.

In addition to the summary report, 26 reports on individual HCDs included in the study are available. All of these reports can be downloaded from the Heritage Resource Centre’s website (see link below). Printed copies can also be ordered from the Heritage Resource Centre.


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