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ACO Toronto Launches TOBuilt

Over 10,000 entries on Toronto Buildings

January 30, 2017

ACO Toronto has focussed on research on Toronto's buildings for decades, publishing books, holding exhibiitions. We are really excited to at long last be able to re-launch TO Built as an open source data base where you can find and share information on Toronto's Buildings. 

It is a work in progress. Please let us know what you think, especially if you encounter any technical issues.

Anyone can search by building name, address, neighbourhood, architect, date, style or other combinations. 

To post information on the site, you must be a member of ACO. A minimum posting is a photograph and address of a property. 

You can join ACO online, cost $35.00/year.  

We maintain a list of Buildings at Risk. If you know of such a property let us know!!!

We are doing outreach to architecture firms, neighbourhood associations to get more people involved.

This is a massive project that will only succeed if others participate. 


Type of News Item: outreach

For More Information Contact:
    Nasmith Catherine