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About the Preservation Works! Program

"The consultant's report confirmed the building was worth saving, and convinced the community to look for feasible uses."
Allen McDonnell, The Bishop's House, St. Raphael

What is it?

PreservationWorks! is the ACO program which provides preliminary expert advice on a wide range of built heritage and conservation projects in communities across Ontario. Since 1972, the ACO has maintained a roster of highly skilled restoration architects, engineers, lawyers, archaeologists, landscape architects and historians, and matches requests with the appropriate professional.

Requests for service can include an overview of building conditions, structural soundness, evaluation of architectural and historical merit, approaches to repair, upgrading and restoration, and advice on reuse. The ACO provides a brief preliminary report that can be effectively used to avoid demolition, or forewarn of structural or architectural problems, or suggest an appropriate preservation strategy and gain public support.

Who is it for?

Individual persons, not-for-profit organizations and corporations (including municipalities) in the Province of Ontario facing a threat to a piece of local heritage may access this service Local historical societies and citizens often find themselves unable to convince others of the importance of Ontario's heritage endowments. They may find themselves working against various (often powerful) forces, whether an unsympathetic owner or developer, or a municipality. This is when an outside expert can help.

What do I get?

As a client you receive a brief but significant preliminary report by an independent professional addressing your heritage problem, within six weeks of the request, or by a deadline if an urgent request has been filed.

What does it cost?

For the service there is a nominal fee to cover administration costs. The charge is $300.00. In addition, the client is responsible for out-of-pocket expenses of the consultant who does the work.

Are there other benefits?

In addition to receiving the ACO consultant's report, the client is entitled to a year's membership in the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario, which includes a subscription to the ACO's journal ACORN.

Click here to download a copy of the Preservation Works brochure

How do I apply?

A simple, two-page "Request for Service" form is available by contacting the PreservationWorks! manager for the ACO at: 416-367-8075 / fax 416-367-8630 / email: manager@arconserv.ca, or you can fill this form out online here.