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ACO delegates meet with MPP Catherine Fife

ACO Celebrates Heritage Day at Queen's Park, 2015

Summary of Meetings with 27 MPP's

February 18, 2015

General Interest

This document summarizes discussions on February 18, 2015 in meetings with 27 Members of Ontario’s Provincial Parliament from all parties including the Minister of Culture, the Honourable Michael Coteau, as well as with James Janeiro, Senior Policy Assistant to Premier Wynne. The 40 ACO delegates who participated in teams of 3-4 were drawn from ACO membership, the President’s Circle, our provincial executive, branch executives, and Next Gen who travelled across the province to partic...


Shooting Murdoch Mysteries in Guelph Ontario

Economic Benefits of Conservation to the Arts

February 18, 2015

General Interest

The case for conservation in preserving places we want to visit, see in film and on TV. Heritage Conservation creates highly skilled jobs as part of its process and makes an enormous contribution to quality of life and sense of place in our communities. It is also so wonderful to see our communities reflected on the screens.


Interventions to Protect 2013-2016

Interventions to Protect 2013-2016

Interventions by ACO across Ontario, 2013-16

June 1, 2016

General Interest

Interventions to Protect is updated on a regular basis by Past President Richard Longley. Recording the work of ACO branches across Ontario. We win some, but not all. It has been a very useful document in presenting our work to government decision makers, funders, and the public. 


Remarks, David Prosser, Literary and Editorial Director at the Stratford Festival


May 13, 2016

General Interest

Keynote address at the Ontario Heritage Conference, links so much together. Heritage, physical, literary, built, social, creative enterprise and economic development, and how important a good stock of old buildings is to such success. 


Catherine Nasmith and MPP Glen Murray

ACO Heritage Day at Queen's Park - Ontario Culture Strategy What's Next

Ontario Culture Strategy What's Next

February 18, 2016

ACO Publications

This is the document we used to explain the needs of Ontario's Built Heritage in 2016.  Our Big Ask:The case we are making is that heritage is fundamental to the Ontario Culture Strategy, but heritage needs a Strategy of its own. "New ideas need old buildings" according to Jane Jacobs, yet we continue to lose them as intensification and other provincial policies put impossible pressures on Ontario's heritage fabric.  OUR BIG ASK, tied to an ongoing government process, i...


Awards Dinner Program

January 1, 2015

ACO Publications

Profiles of our amazing Award Winners and their projects.


Acorn Fall 2015

Heritage and the Arts

October 1, 2015


Our Fall 2015 Issue is on Heritage and the Arts. 


Acorn Spring 2015 Edition

Acorn Spring 2015 Edition

Transportation and Heritage

May 1, 2015


Our Spring 2015 focussed on transportation in Ontario


Acorn Spring 2016 Cover

Acorn Spring 2016

An Appetite for Heritage

April 1, 2016


Another wonderful issue from our all volunteer Acorn Committee, led by the more than able Liz Lundell Stories on buildings repurposed for food purposes, heritage market areas. Editorial by Catherine Nasmith, Slow Food and Slow Buildings. Articles on Kensington Market, Craft beer in Dundas, Ontario, The Working Centre in Kitchener/Waterloo, Maple Syrup in Lanark County, Albion Hotel, Making Memories at Heritage Venues, Morden Yolles at Scaramouche, New Hamburg's The Imperial, and the demoli...


Keep your Beautiful Historic Windows and Save Energy

Past President Lloyd Alter upgrading his own home, writes about what he did for Treehugger

December 1, 2014

Useful Links

Lloyd goes through all the arguments for keeping beautiful old windows, sustainability, aesthetic and tests a new product, a removable interior storm window. Send this link to everyone who thinks they need to sacrifice aesthetics for energy conservation.