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ACO Heritage Day at Queen's Park - Ontario Culture Strategy What's Next

Catherine Nasmith and MPP Glen Murray

Ontario Culture Strategy What's Next

February 18, 2016

This is the document we used to explain the needs of Ontario's Built Heritage in 2016. 

Our Big Ask:

The case we are making is that heritage is fundamental to the Ontario Culture Strategy, but heritage needs a Strategy of its own. "New ideas need old buildings" according to Jane Jacobs, yet we continue to lose them as intensification and other provincial policies put impossible pressures on Ontario's heritage fabric. 
OUR BIG ASK, tied to an ongoing government process, is that the Minister of Culture initiate a focussed Strategy for Ontario’s Cultural Heritage, either a sub process of developing the current Culture Strategy, or a parallel process.  
We are coming to our MPP’s as volunteers who work incredibly hard to conserve Ontario’s heritage, but we need the help of MPP’s to be successful. 
The presentation touches on several key issues which are a sampling, but not all, of what is needed. Action is needed across several pieces of legislation, involving several Ministers. Those are summarized on the fourth slide, and the rest of the slides expand the points. 
NEEDED: An Ontario Cultural Heritage Strategy

Our challenges are many and complex  -  We need your help to:
  • Create Respectful Growth Plans
  • Ensure Taxes Help Not Hinder
  • Minister of Culture’s to do list
  • Public Property-Heritage First
  • Create an Ontario Culture of Conservation--Buildings are not Garbage!
  • Invest in Heritage
  • Create Respectful Renewable Energy


Associated Document:
     Ontario Culture Strategy: What's Next

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