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Ontario Heritage Conference 2016-Stratford St. Marys
May 12, 2016 to May 16, 2016
The annual Ontario Heritage Conference comes to Perth County for the first time. It is sponsored by the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario and Community Heritage Ontario. The Stratford-Perth branch of the ACO is taking the lead in planning, organizing and managing the event.

2016 Meeting Schedule for ACO Ontario
May 12, 2016 to May 16, 2016
Schedule of Executive and Council Meetings for 2016. Please open the attached pdf to see the full schedule. This document will be revised periodically as dates and locations are confirmed.

2015 Meeting, Felicity Pope (Port Hope Branch), Past President Susan Ratcliffe and Next Gen Member Sarah Hill meet with NDP MPP Catherine Fife

ACO Celebrates Heritage Day at Queen's Park
Visits with Ontario MPP's
February 18, 2016
Following on last year's successful meetings with 27 MPP's, once again Architectural Conservancy Ontario representatives will be at Queen's Park to talk about why, even with a stronger Ontario Heritage Act, we are still losing our heritage, in some places at a break neck pace. Our volunteers are doing our part, but we could use some help plugging the policy and legislative loopholes that cost us important community landmarks.


Photo, Davisville School, Dave Le Blanc

Globe and Mail: Davisville School - Enter the Mod Squad
Architects want to save Davisville school from chopping block
It may be a fait accompli that this building is redundant, but a group of prominent Toronto architects, working with ACOToronto want to see if repurposed as a community hub. Waste not Want not!

Robert Shipley, .....Sarah Hill, Ernie Hardeman MPP, Jean Haalboom

ACO Celebrates Heritage Week Meeting at Queen's Park
Delegates from across Ontario will be gathering at Queen's Park on February 18, to celebrate Heritage Week by meeting with our MPP"s.

New Ideas Need Old Buildings, Alton Mill Arts Centre

Response to Culture Strategy
Ontario’s Culture Strategy — ACO’s response
ACO's response to the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sport Culture Strategy

Oro Methodist Episcopal African Church, 1849

ACO Interventions to Protect, 2013-2015
by Richard Longley
Our Past President, Richard Longley, has prepared a summary of Interventions to Protect, undertakings to protect heritage buildings and cultural landscapes during the past two years by 25 of ACO's branches plus six interventions in places where ACO has no branch.

Culture Strategy for Ontario
ACO stresses need to build heritage into the Culture Strategy Program
In September the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport (MTCS) announced a new initiative, the development of a Culture Strategy for Ontario. A series of Town Halls are planned to get our views. Click on this item to learn more.

ACO has announced the winners of the 2015 Awards. These awards honour preservation leaders, projects and initiatives that are worthy of provincial recognition for their contribution to architectural conservation in Ontario. The awards will be presented next week at our Annual Awards Dinner. We congratulate all of our award winners and look forward to seeing them at the dinner.

The Coordinated Land Use Planning Review – Ensuring that Heritage is Not Forgotten
As part of the Coordinated Land Use Planning Review instituted by the Ontario Government, ACO has made a submission to the Ontario Growth Secretariat stressing the need for stronger protection for cultural heritage resources

80 for 80

80 for 80: Celebrating Eighty Years of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario
The Architectural Conservancy of Ontario (ACO) is celebrating its 80th anniversary with the publication of a book, “80 for 80: Celebrating Eighty Years of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario”. The illustrated book documents eighty among the hundreds of buildings and structures across Ontario that ACO has had a hand in saving since it rescued one building, the Barnum House, in 1933. For more information on the book and how to order it, click on this item.

This document reports of the strategic plan that was developed in the spring of 2012

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