On International Museum Day, we celebrate ten extraordinary museums worldwide that showcase exceptional architectural design. Designed by renowned architects or featuring innovative concepts, these museums redefine the boundaries of architectural excellence. From Dubai to Istanbul, each museum stands as a testament to visionary creativity and aesthetic brilliance.
Museum of the Future, UAE
Dubai’s Museum of the Future, designed by Killa Design, is a mesmerizing ring-shaped building declared “the most beautiful building in the world.” This architectural masterpiece features exhibits …

Canadian cities are renowned for their diverse architectural styles, each reflecting a unique blend of history and cultural influences. From Toronto’s bay-and-gable houses to Quebec’s Colonial and Château styles, let’s explore the diverse styles and immerse in the captivating history and culture of Canada through the remarkable architectural marvels below.
Toronto, ON: Bay-and-Gable Houses and Georgian Buildings
Toronto showcases charming bay-and-gable houses, characterized by long and narrow lots and large bay windows. The city also boasts Georgian buildings, influenced by British immigrants…

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