Groundbreaking Archival Facility with Double-Concrete Skin

B+H Architects has unveiled an innovative archival storehouse installation in Gatineau, Quebec. The structure boasts a unique double-subcaste concrete envelope and advanced reclamation systems, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Cutting-Edge Design

The installation consists of two floors: a staff area and a towering 28-meter-tall vault. Its double-envelope configuration, made of precast concrete panels, provides insulation and stability for six vaults within.

Exceptional Insulation and Sustainability

By employing a double-concrete skin, the Preservation Storage Facility offers robust protection against harsh weather conditions while meeting Canada’s Green Governing Strategy, LACG2. It stands as the first federal building to achieve stringent sustainability goals while benefiting from Quebec’s abundant hydroelectric energy.

Revolutionary Automation

The facility features an advanced Automated Storage and Retrieval System, utilizing robotic arms and lifts for efficient material transportation. An impressive milestone has been reached by the advanced system, breaking records globally as the largest of its class.

Preserving Cultural Legacy

The Preservation Storage Facility safeguards historic and cultural items of great significance to Canadians, ensuring the preservation and accessibility of their rich cultural heritage for future generations.


B+H Architects’ groundbreaking archival facility with its double-concrete skin has not only redefined the standards of design, sustainability, and automation but also serves as a symbol of preserving Canada’s cultural legacy.

By setting a new benchmark in archival storage, B+H Architects has paved the way for a brighter future where the preservation of Canada’s rich heritage is seamlessly intertwined with sustainable practices and cutting-edge design.

Rebecca Knight

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