Breaking Boundaries: The Badlands Home in Ontario

BLDG Workshop has unveiled its latest architectural masterpiece on the outskirts of Toronto. The Badlands Home, named after the distinct topographic features of the area, showcases a stunning interplay of weathering-steel accents against an all-white backdrop. Those interested in visiting the site should be aware that it’s situated near Caledon and can be accessed by car roughly one hour from Toronto.

The home features contrasting details of Corten steel, establishing a visual connection with the Badlands’ distinctive features. The rugged terrain of the badlands, currently recognized as a heritage site, showcases great furrows in the topography and enjoys the safeguards provided by Ontario’s legal system.

The main living areas of the residence are located on the ground floor, while a walk-out basement houses additional guest bedrooms, bringing the total bedroom count to six. Inside, the open-concept kitchen, living, and dining area offers breathtaking views of the rolling hills through floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Glass expanses strategically frame the most pristine parts of the landscape while obscuring less desirable built structures.

The Badlands Home showcases BLDG Workshop’s ingenuity and ability to blend architecture with nature. Alongside Ontario’s architectural wonders, the Badlands Home stands as an iconic symbol of modern design in rural Ontario.

Rebecca Knight

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